Paulo Dybala’s epic welcome at Roma: 8000 fans gathered


After making the switch from Turin to Rome, Paulo Dybala was welcomed like an emperor in the Italian capital. 

Paulo Dybala received a hero’s welcome as 8,000 Roma fans gathered at the Square Colosseum on Tuesday evening for the player’s unveiling. 

It was an exciting and sleepless evening for AS Roma fans when the club presented their latest signing of Dybala, an icon for the club’s future. This has got to be the biggest welcome for a free transfer in football history. Paulo Dybala is attracting bigger crowds than the Pope in Rome.

During the evening, Dybala did his trademark celebration and thanked fans for the stunning welcome he received. The Argentine striker then sat down on the steps outside the Palazzo Della Civilta Italiana as the fans serenaded him with the club’s anthem. 

Amazed at such a welcome, the former Juventus Turin player observed an event he was looking forward to experiencing.

“I know that this club has an extremely passionate community of supporters and that the supporters are always heard,” he said at a press conference earlier today, before adding: “I can’t wait to meet them tonight.

50,000 people also watched Dybala’s unveiling on YouTube via a live stream.

Behind the scenes of his arrival

“Everyone wants to win”

Asked about the reasons for his arrival at Roma, the former Juventus Turin striker spoke behind the scenes of his arrival.

“The first question I asked the coach was to ask him what we were going to aim to win, he said.

“I think that should be our goal: to win game after game.

After, further, we will see where it takes us and we will focus on different objectives.”

When asked about the reason behind his exit from Juventus, Dybala stated:

“With Juve it was not a financial problem,”

“We had a deal to sign in October, then the club asked us to wait and in March told me that I would have not been part of their future plans. The club took a different decision together with the coach.”