The history of As Roma logo


AS Roma is one of the most iconic football clubs in Italy, with a rich history and a passionate fan base that extends far beyond the borders of Rome. The club’s logo is an important symbol of its identity and values, and was carefully chosen to represent the spirit and character of AS Roma.

The AS Roma logo features a gold and maroon crest, with a wolf at the center. The wolf is an important symbol of Rome, dating back to ancient times, and represents strength, courage, and tenacity. The gold and maroon colors are also significant, as they are the official colors of the city of Rome and reflect the club’s deep connection to its home city.

There are several reasons why this logo was chosen for AS Roma. Firstly, the wolf is a powerful and iconic symbol of Rome, and represents the club’s pride in its home city and its history. The wolf is also a symbol of strength and determination, reflecting the team’s fighting spirit on the field.

The choice of colors is also significant. Gold is associated with excellence and achievement, while maroon is a symbol of passion and energy. Together, these colors represent the spirit and character of AS Roma, as well as its close ties to the city of Rome and its people.

In addition to the wolf and the colors, the design of the AS Roma logo is also significant. The crest is circular in shape, which creates a sense of unity and wholeness, reflecting the club’s sense of community and belonging. The words “AS Roma” are written in bold, capital letters, which reinforces the team’s strong identity and sense of pride.

Overall, the AS Roma logo was chosen to represent the club’s identity, values, and connection to the city of Rome. The wolf, the colors, and the design all work together to create a powerful and iconic symbol that is instantly recognizable to fans of the team around the world. Whether you are a die-hard supporter of AS Roma or simply a fan of Italian football, the AS Roma logo is a symbol of excellence, passion, and pride that will always be associated with this legendary club.